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Report How Did UK Banks Respond To COVID-19?

Digitally Transforming Britain's Banks: Reactivity in the Face of a Public Health Crisis.


What's in the Report?

In the wake of COVID-19, the banking industry has been forced to quickly adapt and implement digital services in order to maintain continuity for their customers in the absence of physical branches.

In our latest report, we look at the lengths that banks went to in order to improve their digital customer experience journey through COVID-19, and the perceived level of service from the viewpoint of both customers, and the bank’s employees. This report uncovers:

  • The first-hand experience of 500 employees from High Street Banks, Building Societies, Digital / Mobile only banks
  • The first-hand experience of 2000 UK consumers
  • Consumer expectations of service from their bank
  • Creating a future-proof customer service plan

Listen to what Onecom's CEO, Martin Flick had to say about the state of the UK's digital banking landscape in light of the Covid-19 pandemic on The Banker's Podcast.

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