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Samsung Business Interactive Product Guide

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With just a few simple questions, we’ll help you find the right Samsung devices.

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Based on your needs, we recommend…

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5G Foldable Large Screen Digital Pen Water/Dust Resistant Premium



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We recommend…

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A better way to work from your device

Enterprise Edition

A better way to work from your device

Knox and Enterprise Edition

A better way to work from your device

Empower your team to work wonders

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Samsung Knox

Protect your devices with defence-grade security

Samsung’s Knox technology is built with the demands of 5G networks in mind. Their Galaxy Enterprise Edition devices are secured with defence-grade security, globally certified by many government organisations.

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Samsung Knox

Keep your company data safe with multi-layered security, defending your most sensitive information from malicious threats.

Knox Configure

Configure your mobile fleet straight out of the box, so your workforce can be up and running as soon as they turn on their phone, wherever they are.

Knox Manage

Manage and troubleshoot problems remotely. Gain full control over your mobile fleet in real-time with a single IT admin.


Easily manage and schedule mobile firmware and security updates across your Samsung mobile fleet remotely.

5-year security patch

Keep your business protected from mobile security threats. With Galaxy Enterprise Edition you get 5 years of security and maintenance releases to help you stay up to date.

Biometric authentication

With built-in biometric security, only you can unlock rugged devices using your unique fingerprint or facial profile.

Samsung Enterprise Edition

A better way to work from your phone

There’s never been a more critical time to equip your teams with the right tools for remote working.

Samsung Enterprise Edition offers a complete package of devices and services designed to help your business operate with complete freedom, agility, and security.

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3 Year Enhanced Support

Keep your business running with extra support for your devices. Samsung Enterprise Edition gives you 3 years of an enhanced support service, ensuring your mobile technology continues to perform.

Knox Suite

Knox Suite is an all-in-one offering that includes Knox Manage, Knox E-FOTA, Knox Mobile Enrolment and Knox Asset Intelligence. Get everything you need to make your IT team’s life simple and your employees as productive as they can be.

5 Year Security and Maintenance Releases

With Samsung Enterprise Edition, you get up to 5 years of firmware updates, so you can be sure all your mobile devices are up to date with the latest Android and Samsung security patches.

Quickstart Go Service

Free support to help you configure, deploy, and manage your fleet.

Extended Product Lifecycle

All Samsung Enterprise Edition devices come with an Extended Product Lifecycle, ensuring they’re available longer than standard devices.

Devices you can rely on

Samsung Enterprise Edition is long-lasting, hard-working, and flexible – ready to meet the demands of every role.

Samsung Knox and Enterprise Edition

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