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What can the cloud do for your business?

Cloud computing can benefit organisations enormously when it comes to running and managing their IT systems Not only can businesses benefit from cheaper and more efficient computing services, but cloud solutions make it easier to scale up and down business processes, are more secure than traditional solutions and enable your business to be more productive.

No need for hardware

By storing your data, applications and services in the cloud, you remove the need for excessive hardware taking up space in your office. On-site hardware needs setting up and regular maintenance, with cloud computing these tasks are removed, freeing up time for your IT team to work on more important company goals.

Scale up and scale down

All our cloud solutions enable you to scale storage and bandwidth up and down in line with your business needs. We offer connectivity packages that can instantly increase or reduce bandwidth –useful if you run a seasonal business. Is the team expanding? No problem, just add extra capacity or licenses. Being able to respond to changing business dynamics quickly is a key reason so many choose to make the move.

Fully customisable to your needs

With cloud-based systems you can interconnect your current applications and software that you use within your business, so you can access them from anywhere. A cloud system can be fully customisable to your specific business needs, so you can operate your business where ever you are, with the option of designing your own apps to suit you. It’s easy to change and adapt to your business, creating a simple and affordable solution.

Safe and Secure

With the Cloud, businesses can securely back up data whilst also making use of high-security features to protect your data, apps and IT infrastructure. Private cloud computing can help businesses protect their sensitive data and benefit from a higher security IT infrastructure.

Reduce costs

The cloud removes the need for setting up and maintaining hardware and software on-site which can reduce the cost of your IT systems. In addition to this, cloud systems are flexible meaning you only pay for what you need.

Faster, better-performing computing

The cloud operates via the internet, so all computing resources are faster, more flexible and regularly upgraded. This improves productivity and ensures efficient computing across the business.

Support and advice for your business at Onecom

We provide all our customers with support and advice when moving to a cloud-based system within their business. We tailor our approach to meet your needs and ensure you get what’s best for you.

Onecom provides a managed service including full training for your staff and help with set up and integration or migration. All your instant messaging, voice calls, video, desktop sharing, conferencing, documents, emails, calendars, contacts, CRM or inventory calls can be stored and seamlessly integrated into your daily activities.

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