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Report The Inner Circle Guide to Agent Engagement & Empowerment

Discover transformative insights on how to empower your agents, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost operational efficiency

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The Inner Circle Guide to Agent Engagement & Empowerment

Explore insights from 1,000 UK consumers and 500 UK contact centres, revealing the key factors that are shaping customer experience (CX). Learn how empowering agents drives superior CX, with transformative strategies from Contact Babel, in partnership with Onecom. Delve into vital statistics underscoring the importance of staying ahead in the current competitive landscape.

This report covers:

  • Agent Empowerment and Absenteeism: Discover the benefits of flexible scheduling and how it can enhance team vitality.
  • Mastering First-Contact Resolution: Learn how to boost first-contact resolution rates, elevating customer satisfaction and streamlining operations.
  • Cost-Effective Service Approaches: Empower agents to lower repeat calls, reducing total customer interaction expenses by up to 25%.
  • Exclusive tips on how to build a trust-based work culture in your contact centre.

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