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CityFibre in Leeds

Leeds has been named as one of the Gigabit Cities in the UK benefitting from the CityFibre fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) programme to become an area with ultra-fast, full-fibre networks that supports the current and future digital requirements of the entire city.

Together with CityFibre, an official FTTP service provider, Onecom can provide you with a comprehensive and reliable telecoms service.


As one of the UK’s leading experts in voice and data solutions, our FTTP packages are tailored to your needs to fit within your budget enabling you the flexibility to grow with your business.

With guaranteed upload and download speeds of 200Mbps, plus the capability to flex to 1Gbps at no extra cost. No matter what the size of your organisation, Onecom and CityFibre can help streamline your telecoms services and enhance productivity.

CityFibre in Leeds

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Full-fibre networks provide businesses with the most advanced digital connection possible. Constructed with the latest deployment techniques, smart-routing, reinforced cables and ducting, giving businesses across the UK access to incredibly fast speeds and a reliable business internet connection.

Your business will benefit from high-quality video calls, online collaboration with colleagues and customers, uninterrupted access to hosted applications and a whole lot more. With a full fibre connection into your office, you’ll experience seamless connectivity over all your connected devices – even when they are streaming, downloading and playing all at once.

Guaranteed bandwidth is perfect for optimised performance during peak traffic or for any on-demand high speed software updates. Not to mention that with Onecom, you are able to flex to 1Gbps at no extra costs!

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Although many services in the UK are dubbed as ‘fibre broadband’, this term is typically used to describe services delivered using “fibre to the cabinet” (FTTC) technology – meaning the last stretch of network from the street cabinet into your business uses capacity-constrained copper cable, which acts as a bottle-neck and significantly reduces the speeds you are able to access in your office.

Full fibre networks i.e. Fibre-to-the-Premise (FTTP) technology transmit data in the form of light down glass fibre-optic cables for the entire connection into your business. With no ageing copper in the network, you’ll receive lightning fast and reliable broadband services capable of Gigabit speeds (1,000 Mbps).

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