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Business Connectivity Solutions

Experience faster, more reliable business connectivity designed for today’s dynamic workplace.

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Power Your Company with the Latest in Business Connectivity

Modern businesses require fast, secure, and reliable internet access. At Onecom, we provide dedicated, long-term support with the latest innovative business connectivity solutions, helping you stay connected 24/7. You can manage and view your solutions from the OneCloud platform, and most importantly, we tailor our service to your exact business needs, giving you unparalleled support.

Business Broadband

We’ll get your unlimited business broadband up and running in as little as two weeks. Our service is uncontended, so there’s no impact during busy periods. Benefit from faster connections and ultra-reliability, with guaranteed speeds and full support from our expert team, whenever your business needs it.

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Full Fibre Ethernet for Business

Experience greater bandwidth and increase the amount of data your internet connection can handle. Our full fibre ethernet for business gives you unlimited, uncontented usage, at no extra cost.

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Take Your Connectivity Further

Get outstanding support and reliability for your business connectivity needs.

SOGEA Broadband

Get ready for the future of broadband with a singular connection, and no telephone line. Our Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SOGEA) can replace your end-of-life lines.

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Business IoT

Experience seamless and secure connectivity, all manageable on one platform. Our business Internet of Things platform provides real-time visibility of your entire operations and costs, giving you a greater understanding of your technology environment.

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FttP (Fibre-to-the-Premises)

Fast, reliable connections for a fast-paced workplace. Experience the speed of pure fibre optic cables connecting you straight to the exchange. Our fibre to the premises (FTTP) offers higher download speeds than traditional broadband for areas that have been enabled for FTTP.

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Our strategic connectivity partners
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Why Onecom?

We’re the UK’s largest independent business telecom and cloud communications provider. This makes us uniquely positioned to provide leading business connectivity solutions for you, all with a personalised touch.

Dedicated Account Manager

Enjoy dedicated support from our expert team. We’ll provide a trusted point of contact for your business, who understands your needs.


Easily access best-of-breed technology solutions with Onecom’s OneCloud platform. We make it easier to adopt the newest solutions, so you don’t have to worry about costs, infrastructure, and licenses.

Award-winning Partnerships

We’ve been named Vodafone’s Strategic Partner of the Year for 13 consecutive years – all thanks to our outstanding customer support and commercial success.

Agile Innovation

We understand the ever-changing tech landscape, so all our business connectivity solutions are built and managed with agility and innovation in mind.

Get Started with our Business Connectivity Solutions

Achieve innovation, without complexity. We make it straightforward to implement the latest business connectivity technology into your business. Find out how our dedicated team can help you.

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