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AI contact centre solutions

AI made simple. 

  • Speech & sentiment recognition 
  • Empower customer self-service
  • Interactive voice response
  • Natural language processing
Transform your customer experience strategy.  
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Human voices

Choose from a range of voices with advanced text-to-speech technology.

Real outcomes

Resolve issues faster, reduce churn, and use customer data to analyse each interaction.

Constantly evolving

AI continuously learns and improves as you scale it up.

Accessible to anyone

No matter the budget, we have an AI solution for you.

The future of contact centres is here 

AI isn’t the stuff of sci-fi, it lives alongside us. It helps us be more efficient, improves accuracy, and drives better business outcomes. Our fully automated intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) deliver reliable service and support 24 hours a day. 

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Deploy AI in your contact centre your way 

In its simplest form, AI can chat with customers and handle basic queries to save time for your agents. If a query is too complex, they seamlessly hand the customer and the full context of their discussion to an agent. But it doesn’t stop there. We can build AI solutions to suit a range of operational scenarios. 

Natural language processing

Natural language processing (NLP) uses human dialogue, whether spoken or written to provide the best resolution for a customer. NLP and speech recognition understand customers accurately by using intent prediction and sentiment analysis, to provide the most appropriate resolution.

Intelligent Virtual Agents

Intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) are automated, self-service applications. They offer service and support 24 hours a day. They use AI and machine learning to have conversations with customers and handle basic queries, which saves your agents’ time. If a query becomes too complex, they seamlessly hand the customer and a full log of the chat to a human agent who can take things from there.

Intelligent Voice Response

Enhance customer self-service and reduce customer wait times. With features like visual IVR, estimated wait time, callback options, texting options, and visual forms and surveys - customers are able to take control of how and when they engage with you.


Enable customer self-service with AI-powered chatbots. Chatbots are able to retain and understand customer context so are able to answer commonly asked questions quickly and accurately, saving your agent's time and business money.

Your agent’s new best friend

Artificial intelligence helps your agents to focus on the customer. Automated transcriptions and call summaries mean they spend less time capturing information and more time helping your customers. 

AI made easy

Generate real-time results without data scientists or business analysts.

Powered by Google CCAI

We use best-in-class speech recognition and natural language processing.

Accurate results

Call transcriptions and summaries are accurate, consistent, and detailed.

Real-time assistance

Coaching and knowledge sharing teach your agents to be more effective.

Why Onecom? 

Great customer experiences begin with an integrated, omnichannel contact centre that lets you interact in new ways. We bring our expertise in automated contact centre solutions so you have the tools you need to improve your customer experiences. 

We help you solve problems

Solving customer issues faster builds loyalty. Increase your bottom line to drive more sales and revenue through a dedicated digital customer contact strategy. 

We keep you focused on what matters

Focus on your customers and let us worry about the tech. We bring you the contact centre innovations that will have the biggest impact on your success.  

Simple, manageable support

Manage your customer service across all touchpoints, including voice, messaging, chat, social, email, and self-service from a single, cloud-based platform. 

Customised for your organisation

Thanks to our OneCloud platform, we offer scalable service. Simply scale up or down when needed, from capacity to levels of automation. 

Bring AI into your contact centre with Onecom 

Customers are increasingly looking for self-service options to find quick and easy solutions to their problems. Bring that capability to your contact centre with our automated AI solutions. 

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