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The Five9 Intelligent CX Platform


  • Core Cloud 
  • Digital Workforce 
  • Customer Experience
  • Employee Engagement
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The cost savings of implementing any part of the Five9 Intelligent CX Platform into your business could be in the millions.

Manage Customer Engagement

Trusted solution to manage those customer engagements across all your channels and provide cost savings to your business.

Trusted Advisor

Advisor that will help you reimagine your customer experience and achieve tangible business results.

We Keep Our CX Promise, So You Can Keep Yours 

Five9 is a leading CCaaS platform that empowers agents to engage with customers across their channel of choice, provides managers with visibility into contact centre performance and brings overall agility to your business. Five9 brings the power of people and technology to enable you to drive CX success and deliver on your CX promise. It’s the Five9 people and the relationships they bring to their customer engagements that create the true CX difference.

The Five9 Intelligent CX Platform  

Five9 elevates both the customer and agent experiences by enabling your workforce with AI and evolving the contact centre through a powerful CX platform. 

Core Cloud

Increase business agility with work from anywhere capabilities, seamless CRM and UC integration, and powerful customer journey orchestration.

Digital Workforce

Use best-in-class AI to automate interactions and assist your live agents, reducing service costs while you deliver a more conversational service experience.

Customer Experience

Engage customers where and how they want to communicate to create connected journeys and provide the type of intuitive, personalised, and more human experience they want.

Employee Engagement

Implement the tools and insights to maintain business continuity and agility while more effectively managing agents and personalising customer experiences. The Five9 platform helps save millions in cost savings through call containment within IVA, reduced average call handle time by streamlining access to data, and avoiding the cost of downtime from greater system reliability.

Why Onecom and Five9?

Onecom only partners with the best global technology and communications companies, to ensure we supply our customers with the best solutions on the market. That’s why we chose to partner with Five9 to deliver our contact centre solution as a leading provider of the intelligent cloud contact centre leading the cloud revolution in CCaaS. 

We Help You Solve Problems

Whether you are looking to transition from on-prem to the cloud or are looking for AI products to enhance your agent and customer experience, Five9 can successfully support the needs of your business. 

Five9 EMEA Partner of the Year

Onecom, the UK’s leading business communications technology and cloud communications specialist, has been named EMEA Partner of the Year by Five9, a leading provider of the intelligent cloud contact centre.

Simple, Manageable Support

Manage your customer service across all touchpoints, including voice, messaging, chat, social, email, and self-service from a single, cloud-based platform. Whichever route they take, they expect the same level of quick, simple, and successful service. 

Customised for Your Organisation

Five9 is an enterprise-ready contact centre provider that can be trusted to support a growing business to be agile and effective while facing times of uncertainty.

Are you ready to elevate your customer and agent experience? 

Five9 is a leading platform that empowers agents to do more than ever before with less effort and more agility.  Talk to our team today to keep your business ahead of the game.