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Omnichannel Contact Centre Solutions 

Manage every contact point from a single platform. 

  • Deliver consistent and seamless customer experiences 
  • Connect with customers on their channel of choice 
  • Unlock your team’s full potential 
  • Enjoy scalable, reliable, and flexible cloud solutions 
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Everything in one place

Manage inbound and outbound customer engagement from a single dashboard.

Never miss an opportunity

Interact with customers their way for service or sales.

Unify your comms channels

Combine voice, SMS, email, social, app messaging, and more.

Secure in the cloud

No matter the budget, we have a cloud solution for you.

Connect with customers. Resolve issues. Deliver simply brilliant customer experiences 

Positive experiences turn happy customers into loyal ones. And when almost 50% of customers use as many as five channels to contact customer service, you need to deliver a consistently great experience on every channel. Put customer experience at the heart of your business with our omnichannel contact center solutions.  

Omnichannel contact centres  

Our omnichannel contact centre solutions are simple to set up and offer transformational change. From a single dashboard, you can manage every touch point to optimise customer experiences, bills, licences, call monitoring, training, and more. 

Improve customer expectations and reduce churn

Don’t let your customer journey get lost in a tangle of missing messages, disrupted conversations, and delays when customers switch channels. An omnichannel contact centre keeps the conversation flowing and fully transcribed across all platforms.

Control costs and enable growth

Cloud-based omnichannel contact centres reduce your overheads. A single view of every channel gives you the clarity to optimise spend. Automated reporting and unified data sources reduce admin time. And the cloud gives your infrastructure the agility you need to grow as demand increases.

Boost workforce productivity and efficiency

No need to exit one application and open another every time a customer calls. Omnichannel contact centres streamline small day-to-day activities that add up to hundreds of hours saved per year. Automation auto-populates call data into your CRM, allowing your teams to focus on delivering great service.

Improve security and compliance

Migrating to the cloud allows you to take advantage of a range of security options to protect your customers’ data. For businesses working towards an ISO 9001 or 27001 certification, a cloud-based contact centre makes it easier to perform audits and manage compliance.

Reduce agent attrition and turnover

A contact centre team member is a people person. Their passion is to help customers, not fight call backlogs and enter data into spreadsheets all day. Omnichannel contact centres allow your teams to focus on the people that matter – your customers.

Why Onecom?

Great customer experiences begin with an integrated, omnichannel contact centre that lets you interact in new ways. We bring our expertise in modern communications technology so you have the tools you need to delight your customers. 

We Help You Solve Problems

Solving customer issues faster builds loyalty. Increase your bottom line to drive more sales and revenue through dedicated a digital customer contact strategy.

We Keep You Focused on What Matters

Focus on your customers and let us worry about the tech. We bring you the contact centre innovations that will have the biggest impact on your success.

Simple, Manageable Support

Manage your customer service across all touchpoints, including voice, messaging, chat, social, email, and self-service from a single, cloud-based platform.

Customised for Your Organisation

Thanks to our OneCloud platform, we offer a scalable service. Simply scale up or down when needed, from capacity to levels of automation.

Deliver the experience customers want 

Onecom can help your contact centre teams be there when your customers need them most. We streamline every communications channel so your teams can focus on doing what they do best. 

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