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Drive Better CX with

  • Seamless Omnichannel Experience

  • Personalisation and Engagement

  • AI and Automation Solutions 

  • Flexible and Customisable Platform 

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Omnichannel Engagement

Zendesk offers a range of omnichannel engagement options, from chat and messaging to voice and email. Allowing businesses to offer seamless and personalised support on every channel.

AI-Powered Automation

Businesses can personalise support at scale and proactively engage with customers by predicting their needs and delivering relevant content. Enabling businesses to improve productivity and deliver a better customer experience.

Integration and Scalability

Zendesk easily integrates with a wide range of leading business applications. As your business grows, Zendesk grows with you - it's designed to accommodate new teams, divisions, and global expansions.

Zendesk: The Intelligent Heart of Customer Experience

Zendesk is the industry leader in customer engagement and support software that empowers businesses to unlock the potential of their customer interactions. Their innovative solutions deliver seamless and personalised experiences across the entire customer journey, benefitting businesses, agents, and customers alike. Zendesk's industry-leading solutions enable businesses to harness the power of everyday interactions, making it easier for businesses to foster strong customer relationships that drive growth and success.

Drive Better CX with Zendesk

Zendesk delivers a unique blend of best-in-class customer engagement and support experiences that evolve alongside emerging technology and customer expectations. It's a powerful combination that ensures businesses can stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of new opportunities, without sacrificing scalability, reliability, or innovation. With Zendesk's contextual self-service capabilities, your organisation can expand support operations through collaboration, quicker resolution times, and lower support costs.

Industry-Leading CX Solutions

Zendesk has a deep understanding of customer experience (CX) principles and is actively committed to incorporating CX best practices into their solutions. By continually seeking to innovate and improve their customer engagement and support software, Zendesk empowers businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Full-View Agent Workspace

Agents' access to a unified view of the customer's omnichannel experience, helps to streamline workflows and allows the agent to offer personalised support quickly and efficiently.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

76% of customers prefer finding solutions to their queries themselves, rather than interacting with a support agent. Zendesk allows you to enhance your customer satisfaction by providing customers the ability to locate their own answers.

Reduce Support Costs

The integration of self-service in customer support operations can result in significant improvements in efficiency. Implementing self-service can reduce support expenses by up to 25%.

Why Onecom and Zendesk?

Onecom only partners with the best global technology and communications companies, to ensure we supply our customers with the best solutions on the market. That's why we chose to partner with Zendesk as a leading provider of customer engagement and support software.

Onecom combines state-of-the-art customer service technology with 20+ years of industry expertise. This partnership creates an unrivalled experience that defines excellence in customer experience.

Zendesk Premium Partner

Onecom has been named a Zendesk Premier Partner as a result of our deep experience deploying and championing Zendesk across diverse industries. Our solution extends beyond mere software implementation; it matures alongside your business, seamlessly adapting to the shifting dynamics of customer experience. 

Zendesk: Global CX Leader

With over 100,000 customers across 160 countries and territories worldwide, Zendesk is a top global provider of customer engagement and support software. Their innovative solutions are trusted by businesses of all sizes in diverse industries. 

Consistent Multi-Channel Engagement

Zendesk's unified platform enables businesses to engage with customers across multiple channels including voice, messaging, chat, and social media. Deliver quick and efficient support and build lasting relationships with your customers.

Customised for Your Organisation

Zendesk offers enterprise-ready customer support that empowers businesses to be agile in uncertain times. With a scalable platform, businesses can deliver personalised support and cultivate lasting customer relationships.

Are you ready to elevate your customer and agent experience? 

Zendesk is a leading platform that empowers agents to do more than ever before with less effort and more agility.  Talk to our team today to keep your business ahead of the game.