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Supporting the UK Public Sector to elevate digital progression with tailored solutions.

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Optimised Connectivity

Robust WAN solutions tailored for the public sector, ensuring seamless inter-site connectivity, high-speed data access, and network stability.

Unified Communications

Empowering the public sector with unified communications platforms, integrating voice, video, messaging, and collaboration tools into a single, user-friendly interface, enhancing team collaboration and decision-making.

Contact Centre

Intelligent Call Routing, IVR with Speech Recognition, and seamless CRM integration. These features ensure efficient, responsive, and meaningful interactions with the public, enhancing user satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Reliable Telephony

Integrating reliable anaologue telephony with enhanced functionalities, ensuring public sector entities receive clear, consistent, and effective communication capabilities, bridging the gap between classic and contemporary communication demands.

Approved Public Sector Supplier

With a rich history spanning over two decades, Onecom stands out as the industry leader in supporting the communication needs of 500,000+ individuals. As a Crown Commercial Service supplier and a dedicated participant in G-Cloud 13 and Network Services 3 framework (lots 1a, 4a, 4b, 4c), our commitment to the public sector is unparalleled.

Crown Commercial Service (CCS)

Onecom has been honored as a Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supplier within the Network Services 3 framework, specifically on lots:

  • Lot 1a Inter-site Connectivity (WAN) / Data Access Services
  • Lot 4a   Analogue Telephony
  • Lot 4b   Digital and Unified Communications
  • Lot 4c   Contact Centre Solutions
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Environmental, Social & Governance

Onecom is committed to promoting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) measures for a sustainable future. They have formed an ESG committee to integrate ESG considerations into their business practices and decision-making procedures. With a pragmatic and ethical approach, Onecom ensures their ESG values are followed throughout their operations. They strive to meet changing customer expectations and continuously improve their performance.

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Our certifications


  • Cyber Essentials
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 22301
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Key areas of interest for the public sector

With two decades of experience in the communications sphere, Onecom understands the intricate challenges the UK public sector faces during its digital evolution. Our deep-rooted knowledge of public sector technology solutions places us in a prime position to guide organisations on their journey towards successful digital innovation.

Operational Efficiency

The public sector looks to technology as a means to streamline operations, reduce redundancy, and ultimately save costs in the long run. This can mean automating routine tasks, employing data analytics for better decision-making, or using cloud services to reduce the costs associated with maintaining physical servers and data centres.

Innovation & Future-proofing

Recognising the rapid pace of technological change, the public sector aims to not only address present challenges but also to be prepared for the future. This means investing in emerging technologies, fostering a culture of innovation, and ensuring that infrastructure, systems, and skills are in place to adapt to future technological shifts.

Enhancing Public Services

The primary aim is always to improve the quality, accessibility, and responsiveness of services provided to the public. Whether it's health, education, transport, or any other sector, technology investments aim to offer better user experiences, reduce waiting times, and make services more accessible, especially in an increasingly digital world.

Enhancing Collaboration & Transparency

With various departments and agencies operating within the public sector, there's a significant aim to foster better collaboration and data sharing among them. Investments in integrated platforms and collaborative tools are geared towards breaking silos, ensuring seamless communication, and promoting a unified approach to problem-solving. Additionally, technology is also seen as a means to enhance transparency, allowing the public to have better insight into governmental processes, decisions, and expenditures, thereby fostering trust and accountability.

Case study

Supporting the social care sector with seamless communication.

To Pobl Group, communication is key to delivering essential care. After migrating their legacy systems to a cloud solution, they're finding new ways to serve their customers.

"We're already starting to see the numbers coming through, helping us analyse how much time is spent on each call, what our call volumes are, and how well we are utilising our people for the benefit of our customers."

Darren Raz-Nick, IT team, Pobl Group
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Why Onecom?

Collaborate with an award-winning, reliable, and established managed service provider. As a crown commercial services supplier, Onecom is trusted by the government to deliver on technology, connectivity, and data essentials. 

Dedicated Support

Every Onecom customer enjoys the attention and support of a dedicated account manager. Your success is our success.

Certified and Trusted

Sleep easy knowing you're in safe hands. We're proud holders of Cyber Essentials, ISO 27001, and ISO 22301 accreditations, affirming our commitment to quality and security.

Recognised Industry Excellence

We don't just claim to be the best; we have the accolades to prove it. We've been honoured as Five9's EMEA Partner of the Year in 2022 and have consistently been Vodafone's Strategic Partner of the Year for 13 years.

Tailored Solutions with OneCloud

Our custom self-service portal, OneCloud, offers you the flexibility and control you need for your communication projects.

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