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1 in 10 working mums set up their own businesses after maternity leave

1 in 10 working mums set up their own businesses after maternity leave

Onecom, UK’s largest independent business telecoms provider , ,

We’ve carried out some new research revealing that 1 in 10 mothers who were employed before they had children and who carried on working after their maternity leave ended, went on to set up their own businesses.

79% of the ‘mumpreneurs’ interviewed said they did this because they couldn’t find the flexibility they needed in other roles. Advances in technology and telecoms made it much easier to set up their own enterprises, with 1 in 25 saying it was because debt and loans to fund a new business is currently cheap.

The return to work can be a tough one for some, of those working mums who went back to their old jobs only 55% felt their employers gave them the flexibility needed to meet their duties both at work and as mothers by, for example, allowing them to work from home more. Furthermore, 29% said that the nature of their job had altered when they went back to work which included effects to job titles, postponement of a promotion or changes to their job specification.

Parysa Hosseini-Sech, Head of Human Resources says “The pace of progress in telecoms and cloud computing means there are unprecedented levels of flexibility around how people work, and from where. We are seeing a lot of companies now embracing this and offering more flexibility. However, many women are still choosing to set up their own business after having children to get the full flexibility and balance they need. 

We feel more employers can take greater advantage of new technology to help ensure mothers returning to work after their maternity leave have the flexibility they so clearly need as working mums and to retain them in their talent pool.” 

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