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2015 Is The Year Of The Millennials

2015 Is The Year Of The Millennials

Onecom, UK’s largest independent business telecoms provider ,

This year, for the first time, the Millennial generation is going to make up a higher percentage of the workforce in the UK. Experts reveal that by 2020, 40% of the total working population will be made up of these tech-savvy men and women. The result of this is that companies the world over will have to work harder to cope with the thirst for state-of-the-art business communication tools. Companies such as Vodafone are developing new tools such as Vodafone One Net to keep up with the rapidly changing face of business, which is Millennial-led.

The chief strategy officer for the Intelligence Group, Jamie Gutfreund, predicts that there will be 86 million Millennials in the workplace by 2020. The effect that this will have on businesses both big and small is immense. As opposed to the baby boom generation, the Millennials (18 to 24) come to the workplace with not only different skills but also a vastly different attitude in using them. This means that companies must find new ways of communication, and new devices to help them do their jobs efficiently.

In an article by Dave Paulding, who is the Regional Director (UK) for Interactive Intelligence, the impact of this new generation and how cloud services can help them was examined. What is made very clear is that 81% of Millennials want to set their own working hours, compared with only 69% of baby boomers. The pairing of connected devices and cloud technology, led by companies such as Vodafone, has revolutionised remote working and has created a work environment that is faster paced, with communication transparency.

For businesses that want to keep their Millennial workforce happy, the solution is to deploy the best cloud technology. Baby Boomers and Millennials both want the best working environment possible for them to remain happy employees. This in turn will make the employers happy, with higher productivity and employee retention.