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New Resource: Achieving Business Agility: The Complete Guide to a Mobile-First Approach

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The idea of taking your business mobile and running operations from a smartphone was once unthinkable. Now, it’s more popular than ever, with business owners adopting a mobile-first approach to deliver great customer experiences. Mobile app technology has reached the point where everything you need to run your business can be accessed securely from your phone, enabling business owners to take the office with them.

Being mobile-first requires a focus on business agility and achieving that doesn’t happen overnight. But as remote working has become the norm for many across the world, embracing mobility has never been more important.

Discover how you can achieve business agility through embracing a mobile-first approach. Download our ebook.

Benefits of Embracing Mobility

As businesses move to a remote working environment, the idea of being able to control your business processes from a single device is quite appealing. 

By connecting and unifying your devices, you gain access to documents, shared folders, instant messaging, customer invoices, and more on your mobile. This ease of access empowers you and your employees to work how they want. And more flexibility means more freedom.

Mobility makes communication easier between you, your staff, and your customers because you never have to leave your organisation unattended. You’re just a message away from someone at all times, making it easy for customers to get the interaction they need, or for colleagues to feel connected.

Improve Productivity in Business

Customers expect immediacy in their customer experience. As a business owner, you’re able to exert your influence faster when working mobile. With your employees equally empowered, they’re able to focus on high-priority tasks and ensure the best customer experience.

In smaller businesses, some employees take on multiple roles at once. Managing that kind of workload from a single device is simple when you have all the necessary apps to run operations in the palm of your hand.

The Best Applications

Thanks to best-in-class applications tailored to your individual requirements, you can operate your entire business from your phone. The right application will improve collaboration between team members or make it easier and more effective to communicate with customers.

Applications including Microsoft 365 for Business, Vodafone One Net Business, and more can all be managed from a single platform, helping you while giving your team access to industry-standard features. Best of all, sensitive data stored on a personal device while working remotely can be secured by UEM technology and separated from other data via containerisation technology.

Download the Ebook

The state of the world has necessitated a sweeping change to remote working, and it’s likely to persist from now. Adapting to that change is key for businesses to survive, especially SMEs, who can benefit the most from taking their operations mobile.

We’ve created a comprehensive ebook detailing the benefits of a mobile-first approach for your business, and what crucial applications you need to run everything from the palm of your hand. It’s possible to have total visibility over your business network with the right technology, secured and safe, even when away from the office or on the move.

What's Included in the Ebook?

  • Mobility – why businesses are choosing to embrace this new way of working
  • The benefits of a mobile-first approach
  • The best applications for taking your operations mobile
  • How Onecom makes a difference in achieving business agility

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