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Businesses Gain More From Cloud Technology

Businesses Gain More From Cloud Technology

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A common misconception is that companies will utilise Cloud technology for the sole aim of cutting costs. It is true that saving money in the cut-throat global economy is important, but so too is the scalability and flexibility that the Cloud brings to organisations. It enables companies to respond quickly to business demands.

A recent report by Forrester Consulting revealed, however, that 63 per cent of firms claimed that challenges with Cloud transparency restricted further growth of Cloud usage. The challenges for the future are faced by providers such as Vodafone, who have introduced Vodafone One Net to a business world that has been swamped with so much technology and information that it demands instant access to reporting systems. Without this access, it becomes increasingly more complicated to produce compliance and audit information.

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What exactly are companies looking for in a provider? If we look beyond cost-cutting, security and compliance, then we can see that historical data and cost detailing that include future bills are also vital. If businesses don’t have this type of detail at their fingertips, then they will find it very difficult to plan ahead or meet the needs of their end users. Budgeting also becomes problematic without the correct information.

The survey by Forrester states: “Whether you are a first-time Cloud user or looking to grow your Cloud portfolio, our research shows that your chances of success are greater with a trusted Cloud technology provider at your side – one that gives you the technology and experts to solve your challenges.”

For companies at the sharp end, such as Vodafone, there is an understanding that clients require 100 per cent committed support to ensure that they get what they specifically need from the Cloud.

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