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Customer Case Study: CVM Group

Customer Case Study: CVM Group

Onecom, UK’s largest independent business telecoms provider ,

When the CVM Group were looking to expand their phone system, they found that Onecom could make a complicated set of technology structures very simple to use.


As a prominent vehicle financing and leasing group based in Hampshire, CVM Group provide solutions for individuals and businesses alike. They were looking to expand their ISDN and phone system, whilst being conscious of keeping their costs under control for such a large undertaking.


Onecom were able to offer CVM Group a fully integrated system that met their requirements.
They found that One Net could provide the solution they needed, whilst also answering future needs for their business, saving them time and money.

The Onecom phone system now allowed CVM Group to provide a better service for their customers.


As a result of the structure that Onecom built into the CVM Group phone system, calls are now directed to the expert that can help straight away. This allows customers to deal with the same person at CVM Group – whether they’re at their desk or on the road.

The flexibility of the system has allowed technical restructures to be carried out very simply for the team at CVM Group, through the web portal or by contacting their One Net Account Manager.


“Onecom were able to offer us a far more complete system that would answer needs that we didn’t realise we had when we started the process”.


For more information about One Net from Onecom, please see http://bit.ly/One_Net or call the team on 03333 24 00 00 to discuss your business requirements.

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