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Demand For Unified Communications Bigger Than Supply

Demand For Unified Communications Bigger Than Supply

Onecom, UK’s largest independent business telecoms provider , ,

A recent survey conducted in the UK has revealed that the enterprise usage of Unified Communications (UC) over Europe is falling behind demand. Companies now accept that being able to access the latest networking technologies such as UC is a tremendous benefit to their business. These benefits include 60 per cent improved business efficiency, as well as 45 per cent of an increase in business flexibility.

The survey was undertaken using firms that had more than 1,000 employees, and was across a broad spectrum of sectors throughout the UK and Europe. IT experts at companies answered questions about what their communications service providers (CSP) were best at offering.

The general feeling across Europe is that 85 per cent of firms trusted their CSP to deliver UC. Even though the confidence level was high, it was still found that 20 per cent of firms are not using their service provider to utilise this technology. Talking about the survey, the managing director of Easynet, Adrian Thirkill, said: “Companies across sectors recognise the business advantages of running Unified Communications across their enterprise, yet this research highlights that only just over half of European organisations are currently able to do so.

Intelligent or hybrid networks remove the need for massive upgrades and CSPs delivering these can help organisations make the most of their corporate networks and maximise the return of their existing UC investments in order to be as efficient and competitive as possible.”

Mr Thirkill added that hybrid, or intelligent networks, take away the need for firms to complete massive system upgrades. Any CSP that delivers these will greatly help companies to get the best out of their corporate networks, and receive a maximum return. A CSP with a full range of networks plus a thorough understanding of the needs of its customer’s particular sector can greatly help the modern company, working in an increasingly hi-tech environment.