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OneSPARKS Episode 3: Demonstrating the Value of IVA

OneSPARKS Episode 3: Demonstrating the Value of IVA

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In the last episode of a 3 part series with Five9, we demonstrate the value of IVA with experts Colin Campbell, Strategic Acquisitions Director at Onecom and John C De Baca, Regional Director at Five9, the leading provider of Cloud Contact Center software.

Episode 3 centres on automation and cognitive technologies in order to deliver a more personalised customer experience. The intelligent virtual agent (IVA) is a conversational AI bot which acts as a live agent to better serve your customers. The advantages of using this include the fact that they can work 24/7, they don’t call in sick and they are easily scalable to suit your business needs.

Transitioning to the virtual agent requires proper planning and understanding of your business processes. Firstly, there will need to be a decision made on what service desk or CRM the agent will utilise and what tasks will the agent be utilised for.

This episode also covers some mistakes that can be made during the transition. It is better to start small by identifying a couple of key areas in the beginning and building on it from there. Some businesses make the mistake of trying to replicate their current processes instead of upgrading them.

Finally, we will look at the future of the incorporation of AI into the customer experience and also other areas of the business such as employee management (i.e. diaries and appointments).

Both experts finish their discussion, sharing their excitement for the future of technology. Don’t miss out on what they have to say!

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