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The Complete Guide to Managing Multi-Cloud

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Discover how our Cloud Managed Service Platform improves enterprise cloud management.

Migrating your business infrastructure to the cloud offers advantages that are so game-changing, it’s becoming the rule, not the exception. And increasingly, enterprises are cherry-picking the best of each cloud provider by building a multi-cloud infrastructure.

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A well-managed multi-cloud deployment empowers business capabilities, using the best-in-class CSP for each capability. But, as enterprises expand their multi-cloud environments, they risk losing the core benefits of cloud computing. Complexity, cost, and management of multi-cloud infrastructures begin to outweigh the cloud’s core principles, turning a technology advantage into a costly burden.

Managing Multi-Cloud Environments Presents Serious Challenges

Good multi-cloud management means not letting complexity overshadow operational advantage. CIOs want the benefits of the idea of cloud computing – the core principles that make it the most powerful business innovation of our time. They don’t want to deal with time-consuming and costly complexity.

44% of enterprises say security and compliance is the biggest challenge to multi-cloud adoption.

— Lunavi

In our latest eBook on managing multi-cloud environments, you’ll discover:

  • An overview of the market-leading CSPs. And how their specialisms can enhance business operations.
  • The common challenges enterprises face. When managing a multi-cloud environment.
  • Solutions to those challenges. In the form of Onecom's Cloud Managed Service Platform.

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We support over 150k users across hundreds of organisations with leading cloud technology. For the last 17 years, we’ve helped businesses to work smarter with technology – seamlessly bridging cloud, data, and mobility services into one platform. Our goal is to make your organisation operate efficiently, anywhere, any time. Download our eBook today for more information.

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