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Future Business Innovations Firmly In The Clouds

Future Business Innovations Firmly In The Clouds

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With so many companies embracing the Cloud, we can expect a significant investment in this sector over the next three years. Just under 50 per cent of tech-savvy enterprises now rely solely on Cloud computing for new business model launches, and this is set to go up to around 55 per cent in the short to medium term.

For business chiefs, there is no other direction to go as Cloud-based applications sweep all before them and deliver better managed and analysed data, crucial for today’s hi-tech global market.

Learn how to make the most of a multi-cloud environment and avoid the pitfalls in our complete guide to multi-cloud management.

New statistics have been compiled from an Oxford Economics and SAP study recently carried out into the commercial adoption of Cloud computing. Last year, SAP and Oxford Economics collated a review of 200 business and IT executives from all over the globe for an in-depth look at how companies were adopting the advantages of Cloud technology.

It seems that the initial excitement has at last died down. Now, everybody is getting on with the hard work of seeing just what can be done with Cloud systems, in terms of launching new business models, while at the same time striving for bigger growth in revenues. Some of the key areas studied point to some interesting conclusions for the future. The experts conclude that:

  • The big growth areas will be employee collaboration, improved supply chains and top-line growth.
  • Key areas include product development, new business and entering new markets.
  • Future innovations and research and development over the next three years and beyond will all be led by Cloud-based
  • There will be big improvements in Cloud security, with the rapid evolution of new tools and systems.
  • Cloud computing will have a transformative impact on companies and the way that they do business.
  • Business areas such as supply chains, marketing and purchasing will be transformed forever.

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