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How to avoid out-of-bundle and excess data charges

How to avoid out-of-bundle and excess data charges

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We’ve been receiving a lot of calls from concerned customers discussing remote working, and how they can avoid out-of-bundle and excess data charges from users suddenly tethering from their devices. In the recent climate, remote working solutions has become a necessity for many – but not something that businesses may have planned for adequately. As a result of this, the industry is suffering from a shortage of Mifi units.

We currently have stock of these devices, but it is in demand. We can also look at alternatives, such as using a low-cost 4G enabled phone, on a separate data plan that your employees can tether from.

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Tethering a mobile phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot can be a good stop-gap solution, especially as it can be every bit as snappy as standard, fixed-line broadband.  Turning on tethering essentially creates a Wi-Fi hotspot which will show up in the list of available Wi-Fi networks on your paired device. However, it’s essential to make sure you avoid excess data consumption and a surprise bill at the end of it!

  • If you are using a work device, avoid using it for non-work-related internet services or for streaming audio or video.
  • If you have to stream video for work, reduce the resolution – reducing from 4K to HD, or HD to SD is around a 75% bandwidth saving each time.
  • By using 4G and a personal hotspot – make sure you understand your data usage limit and if what any additional costs may be.
  • Use your phone to monitor your data use, making sure you correctly set the day of the month when your allowances renew.
  • Set your connection to metered to disable automatic update of apps and turn off background syncing.

To offer peace of mind on data charges, we are offering special tariffs with a 4G Alcatel Link Zone MIFI on a short contract that your users can tether to on a stand-alone tariff, that will not impact the company’s data allowance. Please contact us for further details on 03300 888 999 if it’s of interest to you, or if you would like any advice on your remote working solutions or disaster recovery strategy.

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