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Ofcom chief calls for BT Openreach reform

Ofcom chief calls for BT Openreach reform

Onecom, UK’s largest independent business telecoms provider , ,

As part of their outlined reforms, Ofcom have vowed to deliver better broadband services for homes and businesses across the UK.

According to Ofcom, whilst the UK broadband industry has delivered a reliable service to many households with superfast broadband providing a better service than 10 years ago, there are still a large number suffering from poor quality connections.

Ofcom CEO Sharon White noted that they are currently reviewing the market to ensure that everyone – from the individual to the largest businesses – has access to the communications they need to function daily.

onecom_broadband_DSC1011_cropped_290115Concerning BT Openreach, Ofcom recommends a thorough reform to make Openreach a separate entity from BT, with its own board of directors, allowing for all customers to be communicated with regarding big scale business decisions.

Based on their recommendations to Openreach, Ofcom are keen to keep the pressure on to ensure changes are made swiftly. Whilst admitting that the split of BT and Openreach would cause disruption and substantial costs, White has said that “if Openreach fails to up its game, we will return to a plan to break up BT and Openreach, however difficult”.

Ofcom are hopeful that Openreach will open up its network of telegraph poles, to allow other businesses to advance their own communications.

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