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Onecom launches CallTeams – an integrated phone solution for Microsoft Teams

Onecom launches CallTeams – an integrated phone solution for Microsoft Teams

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Business telecoms specialist Onecom has launched a new product that enables users to make and receive phone calls directly from Microsoft Teams – at low cost and wherever they are working.

Onecom CallTeams integrates seamlessly with an organisation’s existing telephone systems and has been launched in response to customer demand for a solution that enables users to dial out and answer incoming calls without leaving the Teams environment.

The launch comes as ever-increasing numbers of businesses adopt Microsoft Teams – partly to meet the need to work from remotely due to the pandemic, but now increasingly as a flexible platform to enable working at home, in the workplace or a hybrid model. Microsoft Teams now has 115 million daily active users worldwide.

Jason Waterworth, Sales Director at Onecom, said: “Businesses are telling us that they increasingly recognise the productivity benefits of working in the Teams environment, staying on the platform without the need to disrupt their workflow by using other apps and devices. We have launched CallTeams to give them a simple, low cost solution that is quick and easy to deploy and keeps users in one workspace.

“As more and more businesses adopt a blend of hybrid home and workplace working, Onecom CallTeams gives employers and their people flexibility, security and reassurance in handling voice calls, wherever they happen to be.”

Onecom CallTeams can be plugged directly into Teams for all users, without an upfront cost or the need for additional hardware or software. It can also be integrated with existing systems, such as contact centre platforms and call recording software, enabling users to retain all the benefits of those platforms.

Customers enjoy additional benefits such as secure voice recording, transcription, text to speech conversion and even translation in real time. There is a fixed monthly low cost per user for unlimited calls to landline and mobile numbers – avoiding the need to use Microsoft’s more expensive calling plans.

Onecom CallTeams is one of a full range of business telecoms solutions available from Onecom, the UK’s largest independent business to business telecoms and cloud services provider.

For more information visit www.Onecom.co.uk/callteams or call 03330 151 160.