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Onecom offers free fibre broadband installation to Coventry businesses

Onecom offers free fibre broadband installation to Coventry businesses

Onecom, UK’s largest independent business telecoms provider ,

Onecom has begun the task of lighting up Coventry with super-superfast broadband.

With something for Coventry businesses of every size, Onecom’s portfolio of broadband technologies is second to none, ranging from industry standard ADSL to 1000 Mbps pure fibre connectivity.

As with all things ‘enterprise’, broadband for business demands much, much more than consumer-grade connectivity can ever deliver, offering superior reliability, robustness, latency and security.

Now, Coventry businesses have the luxury of being able to deploy the best connectivity solution for today, safe in the knowledge that when the time comes for better broadband they can upgrade quickly and easily, with little or no interruption to service.

Darren Ridge, Onecom CEO, said: “There is an increasing need for ever-faster, more resilient connectivity, allowing businesses to improve productivity giving them a discernible edge over their competitors.

Built-for-business broadband works perfectly in tandem with Onecom’s industry-leading mobile, fixed line, cloud and IT services. Great connectivity is absolutely the key.”

For a limited time Onecom is offering free installation worth up to £2,000 to Coventry businesses connecting Metro GiG 500, Metro GiG 1000 and Metrozone products. See offer here.

Onecom will be lighting up other UK towns and cities, including Nottingham, Leicester and Southend very soon.

Visit lightingupcoventry.co.uk


Telecoms are a core part of every business. Talk to Onecom on 03300 240 999.