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Our SME leaders highlight their 6 tips on working from home

Our SME leaders highlight their 6 tips on working from home

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We recently ran a ‘virtual’ online round table to delve into the challenges many industries have faced during the Covid-19 pandemic, read the full report here: https://onecom.co.uk/onecom-virtual-round-table/

In addition, the SME leaders shared their top tips on making remote working solutions and working from home, work effectively.

  1. Communication: Revise your communication strategy to accommodate the use of new technologies like video conferencing and a more remote workforce. Do you need to send that email or would a quick Video call work better? Set the tone from the top
  2. Scheduling EtiquettePromote respect towards individual circumstances by being mindful of the impact that scheduling meetings has on their routine. Avoid same-day meetings, make space for lunch and find out when your colleagues get their best focus time.
  3. Mental Health: Mental health isn’t taboo anymore, so encourage your staff to share how they’re feeling and coping. Keep up engagement levels with regular opportunities for social interaction (see tip 4), and help staff keep a solid line between work and leisure time to avoid burn out. Where possible provide access to employee support services.
  4. Fresh Air:  Walking meetings are a great way to get some fresh air, do some exercise and improve mental wellbeing. Instead of continually looking into a screen for a Zoom or Teams meeting, this approach can help get the blood pumping and build a more creative mindset!
  5. Fun:  Keep good working relationships maintained in a way that isn’t solely focused on business KPI’s. Whether this is social bingo, fancy dress, quizzes or scavenger hunts. Keeping social connections strong makes life at work more enjoyable and more productive.
  6. Collaboration spaces: Will everyone return to the office full time in the future? If not, consider repurposing some of the offices to provide collaboration spaces. Remove the office clutter and create a space that encourages creativity, problem-solving and teamwork.

We hope that you find these helpful when looking at how to successfully work from home and how to work remotely. To see the full report, take a look here.

Get in touch with Charlotte on 01273 740763  or at charlotte.bowles@onecom.co.uk, who will make sure you get access to the best independent advice.