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Protecting Your Business from Fraud at Christmas

Protecting Your Business from Fraud at Christmas

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During the busy holiday season, we understand that businesses may face increased vulnerability to fraud, with reduced staff and limited resources for detecting signs of fraudulent activity. At Onecom, we are committed to providing the support you need to mitigate this risk effectively.

Telephone and hosted system fraud is a prevalent issue worldwide, and the financial impact can run into the thousands. To assist you in safeguarding your business and customers, we've compiled a comprehensive checklist that incorporates guidance from the Federation of Communication Services (FCS).

Protect your business against fraud with this essential checklist:

  1. Regularly update passwords and access codes, opting for alpha-numeric combinations whenever possible. Avoid obvious sequences like 0000, 1234.
  2. Delete or change passwords for ex-employees to prevent unauthorised access.
  3. Consider limiting call types by extension; restrict access to international or premium-rate numbers for users where it is not required.
  4. If feasible, restrict outbound calls outside of working hours for added security.
  5. Physically secure your system in a designated comms room and limit access to authorised personnel only.
  6. Explore Exceptional Call Reporting cover, offering up to £5,000 of protection against fraud attempts.
  7. Fully comprehend your system's functionalities and capabilities, limiting access to unused services.
  8. Implement measures to secure mailboxes, such as blocking access to unallocated accounts and changing default PINs.
  9. Stay vigilant for any signs of hacking, such as being unable to make outbound calls or calls occurring outside business hours.
  10. Regularly assess the security measures of your telephone and hosted system devices and applications, including platforms, operating systems, passwords, permissions schemes, and any remote management utilities.
  11. Review firewall logs on a weekly basis to identify any suspicious activity.
  12. If applicable, set access PINs for smartphones using VOIP technology.
  13. Restrict VOIP registrations to your office network for enhanced control.
  14. For SIP systems, establish credit limits per phone per day to mitigate potential risks.

We hope that these valuable tips empower you to protect your business effectively. At Onecom, we are always here to provide the support and assistance you need, ensuring the utmost security for your operations.

Wishing all of our Onecom customers a very merry and secure Christmas!