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The Future Unveiled: HMD puts people first, using technology to make life easier and solve real-world challenges with tech innovation

The Future Unveiled: HMD puts people first, using technology to make life easier and solve real-world challenges with tech innovation

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HMD, the maker of Nokia phones, is on a transformative journey to forge its distinct identity as HMD as they announce a significant rebrand. Evolving into a multi-brand strategy approach means launching new HMD original devices, selling Nokia phones, and collaborating with inspirational partners.

In their journey so far, they’ve sold over 400 million devices in 200 countries, perfectly positioned between old and new – selling classic Nokia feature phones, while also offering innovative modern smartphones with incredible new features. HMD Global recently made waves as the first global smartphone manufacturer to initiate production in Europe - showing their dedication to investing in manufacturing processes to create high-quality, secure devices.  


In line with its sustainability commitments, HMD Global has prioritised eco-conscious practices throughout the manufacturing process, incorporating recycled materials and efficient energy consumption. As a result of HMD's strong and dedicated focus on sustainability, they’ve achieved a Platinum EcoVadis sustainability rating for the second year, putting them in the top 1% of sustainable companies worldwide. 


HMD is focusing on innovative self-repair phones such as the Nokia G22, allowing customers to extend the lifespan of their device by repairing screens or batteries themselves. This earned the G22 a space in TIME magazine’s ‘Best Inventions of 2023’ list.  HMD recently announced at MWC 2024 that they expect to reach a point where three out of four of their devices making use of these self-repairability features this year, and half of the devices they sell globally are set to become repairable. 


HMD has also announced several other innovative products and services on the horizon, including HMD Fusion – their slimline computing core that can be fitted into ‘outfits’ that add unique capabilities to the device. Whether it’s an external battery pack, a retail payment terminal, or a custom outfit made by a 3rd party using the HMD development toolkit - it’s a playground of innovation, both for HMD phones and other smartphones. 


So how will HMD change as they continue their journey? HMD aims to redefine screen time, champion repairability, and forge meaningful partnerships as part of a multi-brand vision.


Expect more emphasis on sustainability, easier-to-repair phones, and a new set of HMD original phones that are designed with business communications in mind. 


Stay tuned for further updates and announcements as HMD Global navigates this exciting journey of brand evolution and advancement in smartphone technology. Call the team at Onecom today on 03330 151513 to get your HMD smartphones!