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Unified Communications Offer Huge Benefits For Businesses – Onecom

Unified Communications Offer Huge Benefits For Businesses – Onecom

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A survey recently conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey revealed that around 50 per cent of companies saved nearly 20 minutes for every employee with more efficient management of messaging, when using Unified Communications.

Unified Communications is the business concept that combines 100 per cent of communications in a single digital connection. The benefits of such a system are enormous, and more and more companies are discovering this each year. There is a logical trend towards Unified Communications, and Transparency Market Research claim that this sector will grow to $61.9 billion by 2018. If you look at the advantages that it offers, then it is extremely easy to see why.

Presence is perhaps the most important feature of unified communications because it makes it so simple to contact your business. Presence reveals if an employee is available and across which channel. This could be email, desk phone, mobile or several other forms of communication. A significant feature of Presence is that staff members can keep clients and colleagues updated in real time as to their accessibility. With Presence, nobody in the firm is left out of the loop, which is essential for efficient running. Other advantages of Unified Communications include flexibility and efficiency, and cost-effective scalability.

The advanced features of this system of communications can help a business to not only save valuable time but also money. An example of this is short number dialling, which gets rid of the need for an area code, and multi-device ringing that ties in mobile phones with an employee’s PC.

An added feature of Unified Communications is the extra layer of security that it adds to a company. This means that if sensitive information needs to be transferred by fax, phone or email, it will only be seen by the person it was intended for.

The advantages of unified systems are being discovered by more and more organisations, both large and small, every day.