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Welcome Glamorgan Telecom Group

Welcome Glamorgan Telecom Group

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We are delighted to announce our first acquisition since we secured backing and a £100m investment package from LDC last year. We are pleased to welcome Glamorgan Telecom Group, it’s staff and senior leadership team, including chief executive officer Kelly Bolderson into Onecom.

Glamorgan are a Cardiff-headquartered group and will strengthen our presence in South Wales and the South West, with a complementary set of fixed-line telephony services. A recent winner at South Wales Chamber of Commerce’s Welsh Business Awards, Glamorgan Telecom Group has grown significantly in recent years having completed a management buy-out in 2017.  

Ben Dowd, our chief executive officer, said: “The telecommunications sector is playing a crucial role in supporting the operational resilience of businesses across the UK and will continue to do so as we look ahead to an increasingly digital economy over the next three years. SMEs spend as much as £8billion a year on telecoms and connectivity which will ultimately fuel and accelerate our growth. LDC’s investment has already provided us with major impetus, and further strategic acquisitions will undoubtedly complement the high level of organic growth we plan to deliver as we scale and diversify our services.

“Kelly and the Glamorgan Telecom team have achieved an outstanding reputation as a market leader, regionally, and I’m looking forward to working with them as part of Onecom to strengthen the business’ already-enviable offer for its customers.” 

Kelly Bolderson, managing director at Glamorgan Telecom, said: “The telecoms sector is growing rapidly, with customers increasingly requiring a comprehensive service offering to support their evolving needs. We will continue to be known for our strengths in on-premise solutions; however, the rollout of 5G and superfast fibre broadband presents significant opportunities for us to broaden our appeal. Onecom’s capabilities in mobile services will enable us to capitalise on those opportunities swiftly and support our customers in more ways than ever before.”

We look forward to getting to know each other better over the coming weeks and months and finding opportunities to share the benefits this new acquisition will have for both Onecom and Glamorgan Telecom customers.