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Case Study

Celtic Manor

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The Customer

The Celtic Manor is an iconic hotel resort, golf and spa centre based in South Wales. They specialise in hosting corporate events such as conferences, with delegate numbers ranging from 50 up to 7000. In a recent joint venture with the Welsh Government, the latest addition to The Celtic Manor portfolio has seen the introduction of the International Convention Centre for Wales, which now boasts one of Europe’s leading conferencing facilities.

Onecom were instrumental in the design of our robust, diversely routed IT solution. Their forward-thinking and outside the box mentality, really made the impossible, possible. Utilising the very latest technologies, Onecom delivered an outstanding solution which is bulletproof and meets all the demands of Celtic Manor. Another job well done Onecom.

Jowee Sarmiento
Senior Network and System Analyst


The Challenge

The customer challenge and objectives Critical services such as super-fast, reliable connectivity are essential to the long term success of the business. Due to the proximity of the three main customer sites, a service that reliably covered all parts of the business was required. The solution needed to cost-effectively support their current and future bandwidth needs, with the flexibility to quickly scale up and down at short notice based on specific customer requirements.


Our Approach

Onecom has been working with Celtic Manor for over 8 years. In partnership with the customer’s executive management team, our trusted advisor status provided the perfect platform to offer support and innovation.

Using our independent, carrier-agnostic approach, we fully understood the customers’ requirements with regards to technology, budgets and time scales. This allowed us to carefully select the most appropriate suppliers for our recommended solution. By involving Celtic Manor in these conversations, we gave them confidence in the selected partner and the support they’d receive.


Our Proposal

The customers business comprises of three main locations; The Resort and Spa, the back office Innovation Centre and the ICCW.

With each location requiring a reliable internet connection to conduct business, continuity of service was essential. To achieve this we used a tertiary design working with an aggregator, developing a solution that ensured a line fault or outage would result in the other lines taking over.

Designed using multiple carriers and routes into Celtic Manor’s three locations, site resilience was ensured. All three lines were able to run independently and support one another when required. Additionally, the ability to rapidly regrade each line gave the flexibility to accommodate customer requirements as needed.


The Result

Highly available, cost-effective, resilient, flexible, diverse and scalable connectivity.