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Case Study

Central England Co-operative

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The Challenge

With a supplier who didn’t present any new ideas or improvements to their current offering, The Central England Co-Op were looking for ways to improve efficiencies across their organisation, service enhancements, company improvements and cost savings.

They were looking for a new provider who was forward-thinking and at the forefront with new technologies.

With their previous supplier, the team at Central England Co-operative had to invest their business time in managing the relationship due to numerous issues.

We don’t have to join a call centre queue when we contact Onecom; they know who we are and it’s a caring relationship.

Derrann Shimano
IT Operations Manager - Central Co-Op


The Solution

With a thorough understanding of their requirements, Onecom delivered a unified telecommunications plan, including a WAN solution.

With all of their needs now being met by Onecom, The Central England Co-operative was able to move away from having multiple suppliers for their telecommunications, and the partnership with Onecom is now used as a model for other suppliers.


The End Result

During the working relationship, Onecom has pro-actively been upgrading technologies for The Central England Co-operative, ensuring they are using the latest facilities available to them – something they simply were not getting with their previous provider.

Thanks to Onecom, the company have seen a 90% reduction in network issues, allowing their retail teams to focus on trading rather than having to log tickets with their IT helpdesk. The Central England Co-operative no longer have to dedicate time outside of their core business in reviewing their bills, as the billing process from Onecom is a credit to the telecommunications solution offered.

In the past, The Central England Co-operative team found that they were experiencing 20 major incidents on their networks a year. Since entering into a partnership with Onecom, they have had just one, and the close working relationship helped to resolve the issue efficiently.