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Case Study

Coulson Building Group

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The Challenge

Coulson Building Group offer a range of building and related services, taking on projects in both the private and public sector since 1884.

Having been a Onecom customer for several years, Coulson made the decision to move their mobile estate to their network directly because of better commercials at the time.

Following the move, Coulson experienced problems with their network and were not receiving the levels of service they were used to. With no named support, they didn’t know who dealt with their queries and thus had delays with getting handsets back and issues were going unresolved.


The Solution

After meeting with the key contact at Coulson, Onecom took over the mobile estate. A full workup on the coverage in key areas showed how it had improved in the time Coulson had been without Onecom, and their business was migrated back onto Vodafone.


The End Result

Coulson made the decision to return to Onecom as they wanted a supplier they could trust. They are now experiencing better levels of care and management.

Their team can now take a step back from having to manage their mobiles and leave it in the hands of their dedicated account manager.