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Merger FAQs

Onecom Evolve Telecom Merger FAQs

Evolve is a solid, progressive company that shares Onecom’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions and superb customer service. The opportunity to acquire Evolve makes solid business sense, consolidating two market-leading operations in an economic climate that remains challenging

Evolve customers will have access to a broader portfolio of world-leading products, enhanced customer service and highly competitive commercials.

All business entities relating to Evolve Limited, including The Word, will be integrated and operate as Onecom Limited from 01 September 2017. Back-office functions have already been aligned to ensure complete readiness for integration.

During August, payments to customers will continue to be made by Evolve. Payments due between 26-31 August 2017 will be held (whilst systems are aligned) and made by Onecom in September.

No, all contracts signed prior to 31 August 2017 will continue to be valid with no changes to the terms and conditions.

Yes. The purchasing, service delivery and finance systems will share the same, single platform from the 01 September 2017. All existing Evolve accounts will become Onecom accounts.

No. You will continue to renew your products and services as you’ve done previously.

Yes. Evolve’s ‘Evolution’ and ‘Evolution Lite’ resource management application will become ‘CommsManager’ and ‘CommsManager Lite’.

Eventually. All current Evolve and The Word telephone numbers will continue to function for the foreseeable future. The consolidation of all services will result in numbers changing, which will be notified.