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Onecom Group Wins Three Vodafone Partner Awards, Including Strategic Partner of the Year for the 14th Consecutive Year

Onecom Group Wins Three Vodafone Partner Awards, Including Strategic Partner of the Year for the 14th Consecutive Year

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Onecom Group, the UK's leading business telecoms and cloud communications provider, has been named Vodafone's Strategic Partner of the Year for an unprecedented 14th consecutive year. This accolade underscores Onecom Group's commitment to excellence, innovation, and outstanding customer service in the telecommunications sector.

The Strategic Partner of the Year Award is contested by all Vodafone Partners and rewards exceptional customer service, sales performance, and commercial success. Onecom Group’s strong revenue performance and the continuous development of its offerings have set it apart in a competitive marketplace.

In addition to this prestigious award, Onecom Partners has been honoured with Vodafone’s Fixed Line Partner of the Year award. This recognition highlights Onecom's expertise and leadership in delivering top-tier fixed-line solutions to the channel, reflecting the company’s dedication to providing reliable, high-quality communication services that meet the evolving needs of businesses across the UK.

In a hat-trick of awards, Onecom Group is thrilled to have received the Vodafone Diversity & Inclusion Partner of the Year Award. This award celebrates the partner who recognises the importance of diversity in the workplace and demonstrates how they create an inclusive environment where their people feel valued and can thrive. Onecom's initiatives in promoting inclusivity have set a benchmark in the industry, ensuring that every team member has the opportunity to contribute and succeed.

Kathryn Platt, Head of Indirect at Vodafone Business, presenting the awards to Onecom, said: “Onecom have had another incredible 12 months. They have leveraged their broad market presence, with Vodafone’s global expertise, to open new markets and achieve significant growth in both mobile and fixed. Importantly, they have also embedded a clear diversity and inclusion programme within their organisation to tackle some of the challenges and opportunities that currently face our industry. It’s been an absolute pleasure to partner with Onecom, and we look forward to continuing to work together going forwards.”

Martin Flick, CEO of Onecom, commented on the achievements: "Winning Vodafone's Strategic Partner of the Year for the 14th time is an incredible honour and a reflection of our partnership and the combined team's hard work and dedication. Our recognition as the Fixed Line Partner of the Year and the recipient of the Diversity & Inclusion Award showcases our comprehensive approach to excellence.”

Flick continues, “These awards highlight our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional communication solutions while fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. We believe that by valuing every team member, we drive innovation and success across the board, and we are committed to continuing this important work."

The three awards from Vodafone reaffirm Onecom Group's position as a market leading partner in the telecommunications industry, recognised for its innovation, customer focus, and dedication to creating a positive workplace culture.