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Tusker appoints Onecom to deliver Five9 contact centre solution to elevate customer engagement and drive operational efficiency

Tusker appoints Onecom to deliver Five9 contact centre solution to elevate customer engagement and drive operational efficiency

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Tusker, part of Lloyds Banking Group, an industry-leading car leasing company dedicated to providing tax-efficient car benefit schemes, has made a substantial investment in a new Cloud Contact Centre and Unified Communications platform. The solution is being designed, implemented, and managed by Onecom, the UK’s leading cloud-based business communications provider and the acclaimed two times Five9 EMEA Partner of the Year.

Following its acquisition by Lloyds in February 2023, Tusker are forecasting significant growth. With a fleet of 45,000 vehicles and projections for significant growth over the next three years, Tusker recognised the critical need for advanced technology solutions to support its growth journey. Onecom's award-winning cloud customer experience managed service offering solidified its role as a trusted partner in helping Tusker navigate this pivotal digital transformation.

Mark Gibbard, Chief Technology Officer at Tusker, commented "Customer engagement is at the heart of everything we do at Tusker and so choosing the right provider for a system critical to our customer interactions is vitally important for us, particularly as we continue to achieve significant growth year on year. Onecom’s expertise in cloud communications and delivering operational efficiencies make them the ideal partner for us, reinforcing our commitment to an excellent experience. We look forward to working with Onecom to continue to deliver the very best for our operations and our customers."

Together, Onecom and Tusker have devised a comprehensive digital transformation strategy that includes a phased approach to introducing new communications channels for customers. This strategy allows Tusker to seamlessly implement the essential technologies required to optimise operational efficiency and establish a customer experience standard that maintains its industry-leading position.

Tusker’s digital transformation strategy features Voice by Five9 which leverages AI to transcribe and summarise calls, reducing agent workload automatically. It also includes Quality Management for monitoring call quality, providing valuable insights into customer interactions, and Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA) to address routine customer inquiries. These solutions are supported by Five9's integration with Salesforce, aligning Tusker’s customer records with their inquiries to improve operational efficiency, all delivered into a single interface for easy remote or office work. As the transformation progresses, Tusker plans to implement new customer channels and functionalities, including chat and email features, to expand customer touchpoints.

Implementing these advanced contact centre solutions will yield significant benefits for Tusker, including improved operational efficiency, streamlined processes, and enhanced customer experiences. By utilising Onecom's advanced contact centre discovery framework, opportunities for cost savings were identified through the operational optimisation of call handling. This approach guarantees a significant return on investment, with noticeable monthly savings achieved specifically by reducing call wrap-up time alone.

Martin Flick, CEO of Onecom, shared his enthusiasm: "We are immensely proud to partner with Tusker on this pivotal digital transformation project. This partnership reaffirms our leadership in delivering cutting-edge cloud communication services and underscores our commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and customer engagement across industries. Tusker's innovative approach to leveraging technology for their ambitious growth plans resonates with our core mission. We are delighted that Tusker has chosen Onecom as their trusted partner. Our team is dedicated to ensuring this collaboration achieves its full potential, setting new standards in customer experience and operational excellence within the automotive leasing sector."