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Case Study

Nobles Construction

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About Nobles

Nobles Construction undertakes projects of up to £7million specialising in innovative new-build and refurbishment projects for the education, healthcare, industrial, leisure and retail sectors.

With remote collaborative working a crucial part of its business, Nobles Construction required a communications solution as flexible as its workforce and just as reliable.

The vast majority of Nobles revenue is generated on-site – remote working is an absolute fundamental. As the business grew in the late 90s, so did the proliferation of mobiles, devices and systems. To make sense of what had become an extended and overly complicated structure, Onecom undertook a total communications review.

“We saw an opportunity to upgrade the mobile hardware, making sure employees had the right handsets, we also looked at the main telephone system. We were working with durable but fairly simple mobiles. We had problems with the PBX, and we had no receptionist; the phones would go unanswered in the office and there was no way to transfer calls to colleagues on-site.”


Unified Communications

"Nobles", says John, "likes to see itself as a modern, professional business."

“We don’t operate in a bubble. We work with a huge variety of inspiring clients, and we see how they operate. Our aspiration is to be a quality business using the most modern systems so we are ready to tackle any challenge that comes our way.”

Onecom provided Nobles Construction with Vodafone One Net Business. A powerful unified communications solution, One Net integrates mobiles, fixed-line and devices enabling Nobles staff to work almost anywhere with calls being routed via a virtual landline number. Each employee has a direct line and personal voicemail, and the use of hunt groups ensures that no calls are missed. Costs are consolidated under one contract.

"It was immediately obvious One Net Business would meet Nobles’ needs," says John. “Incorporating Microsoft Office 365 has meant we can access and work on the very latest version of documents and plans almost anywhere, on or offline. If one of our guys is working offline, the file syncs as soon as they have a connection. Previously we had instances of staff using older site drawings, that can’t happen now. We’re all working with the latest information. Connectivity remains crucial.”, says John. For new sites, Onecom supplies Vodafone 4G broadband routers, which provide a highly efficient, short-term connectivity fix. For larger projects, Onecom provisions fixed line, high-speed broadband. If we have to use our mobiles to connect our laptops it’s no longer a concern. Previously we had been using dongles – by getting rid of these we’re saving at least £200 a month.”

A key aim was to make life easier for our guys; with One Net and Office 365, Onecom has helped us achieve that. 

John Watson
Director, Nobles Construction


Embraced by Users

John is grateful for the simplicity that One Net delivers.

“Whilst the Onecom solution makes great business sense, it had to be easy to get to grips with. A key aim was to make life easier for our guys; with One Net and Office 365, Onecom has helped us achieve that. Some found the switch easier than others but word of the benefits soon spread, which created a healthy interest. Now, everyone is always in touch. We’ve all got access to the most up-to-date documents, drawings, specifications and plans, which helps enormously with regard to maintaining schedules and being fully compliant with the latest rules and regulations. One Net means we’ve all got whatever we need to hand. The main office is certainly calmer these days, with no phones ringing unanswered. Customers get through to the right person every time, we’re definitely more engaged as a business and more productive.”

Another key focus is data usage. Sharing files, video conferencing and in particular using video on-site to review and troubleshoot has the potential to eat data.

"The beauty of the Onecom solution is that we have a clear view of data usage and can see where and when costs are being incurred. It means we can encourage best practice and apply some real control to cost.”


An old PBX system meant that calls went unanswered and there was no way to transfer calls to colleagues. There existed a growing need to access the most up-to-date plans, drawings and specifications on and off-site, and share with staff, colleagues and partners.

Onecom provided Nobles with One Net Business, a powerful unified communications solution delivering true flexibility and tangible savings. Mobiles, fixed-line phones and devices now work together as an integrated communication system allowing Nobles staff to work from just about anywhere with Microsoft Office 365, ensuring staff can work on the very latest versions of documents on or offline.

Nobles saw fewer missed calls and a more productive modern communications environment with the ability to scale as the business grows.