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Business Cloud Solutions

Stay on the leading edge with cloud-based communications

Next-generation cloud solutions from world-leading suppliers, offering you the flexibility and reliability to keep your business running smoothly.



Make use of high-security features to protect your data, apps and IT infrastructure.



Cloud solution easily grow with your business; instantly scale bandwidth, capacity and licences



Easy to manage, with the added benefit of freeing up important IT time and resource



Only pay for the services you use, avoiding numerous expensive upfront costs; and

What is the Cloud

What is the Cloud?

The Cloud enables businesses to access all their computer services via the internet. Cloud-based technologies allow you to set up a ‘virtual office’ with access to flexible and faster IT resources so enabling higher productivity as an always-on.

Cloud Business

What can the Cloud do for your business?

Migrating telephony and other communications to the Cloud are one of the most sensible ways modern companies can adapt to the changing needs and increasing demands of customers and team members.

Offering the flexibility and scalability necessary to keep customer-facing applications updated. It also extends access to the most innovative enterprise technologies on the market — options that aren’t available outside the Cloud.

Switch Off

Traditional phone lines are going digital

Traditional telephone lines are being switched off, and VoIP/Hosted telephony is becoming the new standard. Due to be completed by 2025, now is the time to set up your business with a digital phone line.

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Three Cloud Service Models

Depending on your business requirements, you may use just one of these service models or a combination of all 3.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS allows businesses to access software applications hosted over the internet using a browser.

Software is typically licensed on a subscription basis and then hosted from a central base.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Providers

Why choose Onecom

Account Manager

We provide a dedicated account manager

Cloud Based

We provide our customers with complete guidance when moving to a cloud-based system.

Bespoke Solution

We tailor a bespoke solution to find the right solution for your business at a highly competitive cost.


We proactively look at ensuring you always receive the best ongoing solutions and costs in the long-term.

Working with Onecom

A named and dedicated account manager will provide a fully consultative approach to help find the right solution for your business at a highly competitive cost.

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