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Cymryd Rhan

I’ve found Onecom very proactive, useful and responsive to any queries I’ve had.

Cymryd Rhan


NAME: Cymryd Rhan

SECTOR: Care and Social Services

PROJECT TYPE: Mobile and Landline

CONTACT: Davina Hutchinson

POSITION: Head of Finance

They were keen to find a partner that would simplify the relationship and provide them with a contact who they could rely on, regardless.

The customer challenge and objectives

With previous suppliers, Cymryd Rhan had found that managing their account involved spending an excessive amount of time on paperwork and trying to find the ‘right’ person for their query.
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What was unique about our proposal?

Through Onecom, Cymryd Rhan has a specialised Business Development Manager and desk-based Account Manager, tasked with managing every aspect of their mobile and fixed-line solutions. 

What was the end result?

Onecom’s style of account management has been a success with Cymryd Rhan, who see Onecom as a one-stop-shop for their telecommunications needs. Alongside daily support, regular reviews and meetings are held; proactive and cost-effective suggestions are frequently offered to optimise the account, making it clear that the customer’s needs are at the heart of the relationship. 
Following nearly 4 years of working together, simplicity and dedication remains a key differentiator in the market and is the reason that the relationship between Cymryd Rhan and Onecom continues to flourish. 


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