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Hendy Group

Onecom have highlighted that relationships should not be based solely on cost; you also need to have faith and trust 

MPU Hendy


NAME: The Hendy Group 

SECTOR: Car dealer


CONTACT: John Hendy

POSITION: Director of Resources

Hendy Group decided to return to Onecom after receiving poor service from another supplier.

The customer challenge and objectives

After a period of time with Onecom, they were approached by another supplier with very competitive pricing. However, following a switch to this new supplier, The Hendy Group were let down from the start of their new contract. 

How we approached the customer to provide the services

As soon as Hendy’s data contract was up for renewal, they immediately took the opportunity to re-engage with Onecom. 
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What was unique about our proposal?

Onecom could deliver The Hendy Group what they required in terms of their data needs and were impressed with the design and team working on their solution. 
From their previous experience, Hendy has realised that relationships are not based solely on cost; they need to have faith and trust in their provider – which they’ve found with Onecom. 

What was the end result?

Onecom now provides The Hendy Group with over 100 mobiles and a data network with 4G as a back-up. 
As soon as they were able to, The Hendy Group returned to Onecom, as the level of support offered was second to none. It was only when the group didn’t receive this same level of support from a different supplier that they realised how fundamental it is to their business. 
Having allocated account and support resource within Onecom is very important as it allows the Hendy Group to build on their relationship with Onecom, at all levels. 
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