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Integrate Technology

The biggest thing for me was getting the right tariff, but Onecom also took the time to listen to what we actually needed.

MPU Integrate Technology


NAME: Integrate Technology 

SECTOR: Wireless Telecommunications 


CONTACT: Ben Stewart 

POSITION: Operations Manager 

Various suppliers were approached to discuss options for Integrate Technology’s requirement of SIM cards with M2M capabilities on tariffs with voice, data and text allowances, but finding a solution that ticked all of the boxes, at an affordable cost, proved difficult. 

The customer challenge and objectives

They found that most offerings were tariffs with voice and data, with a separate offering for text messaging, which left the contract disjointed and difficult to manage. 
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What was unique about our proposal?

Onecom took the time to fully understand Integrate Technology’s vision and role within the wireless telecommunications industry; they reviewed the company’s actual usage in order to create a bespoke package that was both affordable and fit for purpose. 

What was the end result?

1,000 SIM cards are now in use across the various managed solutions provided by Integrate Technology. 
Getting a tariff that provided everything that they required without needing to compromise was their top priority, but Onecom’s commitment to providing the best solution for the customer made them stand out from other suppliers. 
Whilst the relationship between Onecom and Integrate Technology is relatively new, it’s apparent that they share the same ethos of putting the customer first.
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