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Liberty Leasing

We’ve been thoroughly impressed with Onecom since day one.

Liberty Leasing


NAME: Liberty Leasing

SECTOR: Finance

PROJECT TYPE: Connectivity | Mobile

CONTACT: Allan Clegg 

POSITION: Managing Director 

Having experienced problems with coverage, Liberty found themselves in a position to consider a move from a competitor to Vodafone. 

The customer challenge and objectives

With an office relocation to Southampton, Liberty were looking for a local supplier who could handle their requirements and provide a high level of customer service and account management. 
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What was unique about our proposal?

Onecom offered an end-to-end service and handled migration from the previous provider to Vodafone in a seamless manner, ensuring Liberty were consulted and updated throughout the process.
Having taken the time to get to know Liberty and understand their needs, Onecom was also able to assist with the telecom aspects of their office relocation. A fibre line was recommended, which was not only very competitive but offered a more suitable and flexible contract.

What was the end result?

Consolidating both mobile and landline requirements with one supplier has been very beneficial for Liberty Leasing.
The poor coverage issues that were experienced previously were resolved with the successful migration of network providers, and the fixed-line solution offered additional features and benefits, all within a flexible contract.

We’ve been thoroughly impressed with Onecom since day one, particularly by the account management and support services. They managed to take our requirements and offer workable solutions which they delivered as agreed from the outset, whilst ensuring we were kept up-to-date throughout the whole process.

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