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I think moving to Onecom is the best thing I ever did mobile-wise



NAME: Oakray 

SECTOR: Mechanical & Electrical Services Contractors 


CONTACT: Nicholas Quail 

POSITION: Facilities Manager 

Although Oakray were initially wary of moving away from a direct relationship with a network, they felt that their current provider no longer met the requirements and expectations of an account of their size.  

The customer challenge and objectives

Oakray wanted to spend less time maintaining their mobile fleet, so were keen to find a partner that would provide a pro-active and attentive service approach. 
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What was unique about our proposal?

Onecom fully managed the roll-out process, with three dedicated contacts on-site to arrange any exchanges and answer any questions. The process was seamless and a positive experience for Oakray.
Mobile device management solution SOTI was also deployed across the fleet, allowing Oakray to manage every aspect of the company’s mobile devices, hardware, software, content and data without having to access the actual device. 

What was the end result?

Oakray no longer feels like the onus is on them to be pro-active with the management of their account. After meeting both their desk-based account manager and field-based business development manager, Oakray is confident that their contacts fully understand their company and their needs, so their account is in safe hands. 
SOTI was originally deployed as Oakray have a customised app that their field-based employees use as part of their daily roles. Using SOTI enables them to seamlessly manage any software updates, bugs and troubleshooting for this app remotely, so field-based employees don’t need to visit an office for technical support. 
Following a consistent and trusted level of service from Onecom, Oakray hopes to move more of their telecommunications needs under Onecom’s management in the future.
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