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Onecom is a very hands-on customer-focussed supplier. They work in close partnership with United Living to ensure we get what we need and stay ahead of the game.

United Living


NAME: United Living 

SECTOR: Building Contractor


CONTACT: Greg Morley

POSITION: Chief Information Officer

Unhappy with their incumbent communications provider, United Living were looking for a new partner to deliver mobile phones across their remote workforce. 

The customer challenge and objectives

United Living required high security, excellent functionality, and a quality vendor who could deliver an efficient service and provide better value for money.
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What was unique about our proposal?

Onecom worked closely with United Living to deliver a pain-free roll out of new Samsung phones throughout the business. The Knox card configurator was used to pre-stage the mobiles, automatically downloading corporate apps to the phones. The Samsung platform met vital requirements, such as the ability to encrypt communications while being extremely user-friendly and intuitive. 
The Onecom CommsManager™ portal has become a hugely valuable part of the service, and United Living considered it to be superior to that of other providers. It cut reporting time from half-a-day to 5 minutes, enabled swift asset audits, improved decision-making with critical stakeholders and made ordering a seamless process. 
By having a highly dedicated and pro-active account manager, United Living can see where they are, identify efficiencies, and understand where cost-savings can be gained — making it feel like a true partnership. Onecom prides itself in taking a genuine interest in United Living’s business, and are well placed to help with a range of technical solutions, adapting quickly and efficiently as requirements change. 

What was the end result?

United Living achieved savings of £6,000 per month alongside considerable time-savings for staff. 
Three years on and the partnership is going strong. Onecom is currently supporting United Living with their SD-WAN project by supplying the site data connectivity to underpin the deployment. They are also looking at efficiencies with their IP voice infrastructure and Mitel maintenance agreements. 
Every step of the way, the experience delivered by Onecom is tailored, personal and professional. 
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