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OneSPARKS Episode 4

Enabling Seamless Communications in Healthcare



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5G Futures with Samsung

In the new world of work, organisations are increasingly reliant on fast and available connectivity for a range of devices. With 5G networks expanding year on year, what does this mean for your business - and how can you capitalise on this exciting new form of connectivity? In our second 'Samsung Series' webinar, we discuss the opportunity and challenge of 5G, and how 5G-enabled devices could be positively impacting your business's way of working.

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Flip or Fold? Introducing Samsung’s newest smartphones

Say hello to the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Galaxy Z Fold3, Samsung’s newest smartphones in the Galaxy range, available from Onecom today. Designed to transform your worktime and downtime, the slim and compact devices are packed with exciting features. So, whether you Flip or Fold, here are 5 reasons why we love these new devices.

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