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Samsung Knox for Enterprise: how to achieve greater mobility

Samsung Knox is the all-in-one mobility solution that lets you configure and manage mobile devices across your business. Learn more and discover how Onecom can help your business get started.

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Did you know that the average company uses 68,000 devices, including laptops, phones, tablets, wearables, and others? IT teams need to manage all of these devices, plus the software that enables them to do so, securely and productively.

Technology continues to change as we welcome the newest innovations. From developments in connectivity like 5G to new handsets, the ability to seamlessly adapt to change is important. You must keep your mobility environment up to date with the latest technology, all while keeping employees happy.

And with technology changes come different threats, too. As technology becomes more sophisticated, so do cyber threats. Keeping your environment up to date helps you remain resilient to cyber-attacks, data leaks, human error, and viruses if they were to occur.

So, what if your business had a method of managing all these challenges in one solution?

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About Samsung Knox

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Samsung Knox Suite is a complete enterprise mobility solution. It enables businesses to effectively secure, deploy, manage, and monitor devices throughout the entire enterprise mobility lifecycle.

Every day, your people access and manage corporate data using mobile devices. So protecting this data is mission-critical to keep your business truly secure. However, achieving this, and achieving it at scale, is no mean feat.

That’s where Samsung Knox comes in. Samsung Knox supports your IT teams to protect critical data and create an advanced environment that mitigates threats. IT administrators and business decision-makers can safeguard your company data at both the hardware and software level, remotely and using an intuitive platform. So no matter where your people work, their devices and your business data remain secure.

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A trusted, hardware-based security platform

All Samsung devices include a real-time, hardware-based security platform. Samsung continually updates the advanced security chip with support from Android, to always give you the most enhanced layers of protection.

Secured by Knox is Samsung’s mark of security. It includes defence-grade security built into Samsung devices. This is how Samsung Knox protects businesses and end-users at the hardware and software levels.

  • Trusted by experts and government agencies
  • Government-grade security for business
  • Device health monitoring
  • Robust data protection
  • Advanced network security
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1bn devices

Samsung Knox protects more than one billion devices around the world



Easy to deploy for your IT teams

With Samsung Knox, IT managers have full control of exactly how and when they deploy devices. Deployment and configuration are made easy, and it’s simple and intuitive to enroll thousands of work devices into your mobile device management system.

Employees are ready to use their mobile devices exactly when you need them to – with no lengthy waiting times or technical complications to get started.

  • Streamlined, out-of-the-box set up
  • Flexible enrolment options, including automatic certification install
  • Device staging for all environments, including cloud, local, and hybrid

62% of DevOps say they’re challenged by slow manual processes when deploying mobile applications




Comprehensive device management

IT teams need full control of your enterprise devices, no matter where your people are or how they’re working. Samsung Knox provides advanced management features, including location tracking, a kiosk wizard, remote support tools, and event-based policies. So your IT team is always able to manage every single device.

  • Complete, centralised device management
  • Advanced software update management
  • Flexible features for either a built-in web console or your own enterprise mobility management solution

81% of businesses are planning to change their approach to mobile device management to improve security and ROI

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Accurate, real-time, and actionable insights

Do you know the status of every mobile device in your enterprise? With Samsung Knox, you get complete visibility. The centralised system provides real-time status updates of every device, including how many are active, how they’re being used, and performance issues.

When it comes to managing the lifecycle of your mobile devices, this level of insight is pivotal to keeping your fleet up-to-date and improving the experience of your end-users. Your IT teams can quickly address end-user issues to improve employees' satisfaction with their devices.

  • Intelligent battery management
  • Deep, device-level app usage data
  • Asset location and connectivity status for your entire fleet

84% of businesses want to invest in solutions that improve the digital employee experience


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Are your business devices secure?

In today’s enterprise environment, businesses must adopt a zero-trust security framework. Cyber threats can come from internal and external sources, meaning your mobile device management solution must cover every scenario. This is especially important as 73% of organisations have described their mobile-related compromises as ‘major’ incidents.

And you need more than your employee's compliant behaviour to stay secure. 59% of mobile security professionals say that workers are using their mobile devices more than ever, and cyber criminals recognise this vulnerability.

Cyber threats have become complex, and the ways they can compromise your business are increasingly more sophisticated. So, the best way to reduce cybersecurity risk is by using a comprehensive platform with built-in security.


Why Onecom and Samsung Knox?

Access the complete product range

We understand your needs. We work closely with Samsung to provide their full range of products, all while keeping what you need in stock and available for delivery within 24 hours.

Secure devices

You need to keep company data secure. At Onecom our fully trained experts provide you with the best security solutions using the Samsung Knox portfolio.

Customer support

We pride ourselves on our unparalleled level of service. We work with Samsung to provide expert customer support from the beginning of your journey to after-sales support.

Latest devices

Our knowledge of new devices ensures that we can get access to new devices in plenty of time to deliver them to you.

Fully-trained staff

Samsung trains our staff. This means our knowledge is always up to date and reliable, so we can help you better.

True partnership

We work in partnership with Samsung to find our customers the best devices for their needs. Having a direct relationship with both Samsung and your business allows us to provide quality solutions for your mobile requirements, no matter what industry you’re in.


Implement better mobility security today with Samsung Knox for Enterprise

A comprehensive enterprise mobility management solution helps you improve processes and end-user satisfaction. But Samsung Knox enables you to do more. Its unrivalled level of government-grade security provides an extra layer of protection for your enterprise, safeguarding your sensitive data and supporting your IT teams.

At Onecom, we’ll work closely with your teams to get you started with Samsung Knox. Our experts are well-versed in the Samsung Knox platform, so you’ll receive in-depth support as you begin your journey. Talk to us today to get started.

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