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Manage your devices internally

Our mobile device management (MDM) platform option can help your IT and systems departments manage your devices from a central hub. It provides users with a standardised company profile that allows you to manage applications, settings and security features within a device.

IT managers are able to regulate, manage, block or allow certain settings and applications including GPS tracking, feature controls and data protection giving them huge security advantages. The platform can be tailored to your needs as a business as well as allowing for different settings in different company departments. Reporting is easy from an MDM platform and can give you great insight into how your devices are being utilised across the business.

This type of system can give businesses the opportunity to increase productivity further and cut costs within the business as well as benefitting from secure communications across the company.

For more information about mobile device management (MDM), please do not hesitate to contact our enterprise mobile team on 03300 24 00 00 for a demonstration.