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Case Study


Learn how Vodafone’s Internet of Things (IoT) technology helped a digital signage company deliver updates for a major airline.

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TrouDigital  is a pioneer in the digital display space, supporting fast, effective screen communications in corporate and customer-facing environments. Their team enables the remote management of content across multiple screens, along with being able to seamlessly integrate with other forms of software.  

Whether it’s communicating corporate messages to employees in offices, providing manufacturing facilities with live data on dashboards, or keeping travellers up to date at busy airports, TrouDigital help organisations get their messages across in places that would ordinarily be hard to reach or lack reliable Wi-Fi.

The major airline was our first customer using cellular IoT connectivity at scale. But we now have many customers using these solutions, enabling them to utilise this type of connectivity within their screens whenever a traditional internet connection isn’t available.

Mario Troullis 
Director, TrouDigital


The Challenge

TrouDigital help businesses communicate vital messages to employees in offices, fans in football stadiums, travellers at airports – and more. One such example is of a major airline who approached TrouDigital as they wanted to use digital signage to help keep their staff informed of regular updates at their headquarters, near Heathrow. They wanted to create an effective way to communicate important information within their workplace to thousands of colleagues.

Providing connectivity to an extensive network of screens in a busy environment could have been a daunting task. That’s why Onecom, a trusted technology advisor to TrouDigital and Vodafone Business’ Strategic Partner of the Year, recommended Vodafone Business to help. 

Before the integration of Vodafone Business IoT, TrouDigital had to deal with multiple connectivity suppliers across their customer base – managing numerous networks and tariffs. They are now able to consolidate and aggregate their fleet of SIMs across all their customers through one trusted provider, bringing connectivity and invoices seamlessly into one place to maximise value for money.


The Solution

Unearthing the benefits of off-grid connectivity

Vodafone Business IoT enables each of TrouDigital’s displays to connect with multi-network 4G connectivity, ensuring that wherever the screens are deployed they maximise network availability and coverage.

Vodafone Business’ Global Data Service Platform (GDSP) also allows the monitoring of data usage to ensure the 200+ screens have a continual live mobile data connection.

By partnering with Onecom and Vodafone Business, TrouDigital can effectively provide resilient multi-network connectivity, and deliver an out-of-the-box solution for customers. The solution encompasses its own internet connection without relying on potentially unreliable and unsecured customer Wi-Fi. 

TrouDigital now benefit from the simplicity of partnering with just one supplier, one SIM, and one set tariff. Management is made easy through the GDSP portal providing one single view of their global fleet. 

Following the successful installation at the airline’s headquarters, TrouDigital were approached to complete work across other business areas. Their connected screens kept passengers informed during a temporary Wi-Fi outage within the airport terminal. The screens also assisted airline staff to keep operations running smoothly during a time of disruption. The service helped proved the benefits of cellular IoT connectivity in a challenging situation.

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What next?

Beyond data connectivity, Onecom and Vodafone Business offer TrouDigital the advantages of supply chain integration, access to Vodafone technology, and ongoing consultancy through Onecom’s dedicated managed service.
TrouDigital continue to stay ahead of the latest innovations and offer industry-leading solutions for their customers, powering screens in over 20 countries, keeping customers informed no matter what.

Onecom’s recommendation of Vodafone’s cellular IoT connectivity has provided tremendous value to our business. It has allowed us to provide digital signage with 4G connectivity so our customers can manage screens and provide communication to their customers in areas that previously couldn’t be reached due to poor internet or Wi-Fi connections.

Mario Troullis 
Director, TrouDigital