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The Benefits of Apple for business

The Benefits of Apple for business

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When purchasing mobiles, tablets and equipment, it can be difficult to decide which makes and models are best to deploy across the business. At Onecom, we help our customers find the right solutions that fit their needs.

As an Apple Authorised Reseller and Apple Authorised Service Provider, we can help advise you when Apple is the right choice for you. If you’re considering looking at Apple for your business, here’s some of the newest stats we’ve got that highlights the benefits of using Apple across your business.

There’s evidence to show that using MacOS can actually reduce hardware, software support and operational costs, as much as £518.97 per device. The study conducted by Forrester also shows that employee performance and engagement is improved across the business when investing in MacOS machines. This includes 20% improved retention rates, 5% increase on sales and 48 hours of improved productivity.

The benefits of Apple in business

  • Less service time required

The research shows that on a per-device basis considering three-year support and operational costs, that there is less time needed to provision a Mac and fewer IT service tickets are opened over the same period. This requires less time per IT member over a higher number of devices.

  • Total cost of ownership is lower

In addition to this, the cost of total ownership of an Apple device can be much less, despite the cost of initial purchase being higher. This is because there is no need to purchase additional licensing for the OS license or for software maintenance. Macs also require less energy to operate and issues are easier to resolve, which can save even more money over the period of ownership.

  • Reduced security risk

The same research demonstrated that the risk of data breach was reduced by 50% with MacOS. This is estimated to value around £1.2 million. This is due to the fact that there is fundamentally more secure architecture already implemented within the Mac with no additional licensing required.

  • Improved performance and engagement

One of the more interesting results from the survey, was that there was a 20% retention rate in employees, a 5% increase in sales performance and at least 48 hours of increased productivity per employee over three years.

The impact financially can be huge depending on the size of the business, but also allows for improved machine performance which leads to less frustration and increased engagement.

So why go Apple and Onecom?

If you’re looking into different options for your business when it comes to devices and technology the key question is whether iOS or MacOS is right for your business.

It really does depend on your requirements and how we can help deploy, secure and maintain your devices. At Onecom, as Apple Authorised Resellers and Apple Authorised Service Providers, we don’t just sell you Apple but can give you the whole service and customer experience to match.

Easy to manage

With Apple devices, you get Apple Business Manager set up straight out of the box. It works well with our Onecom MDM platforms and allows for more flexibility. As Apple Authorised Service Providers there’s no more need for you to go in store to get your Apple products repaired. Send it to us and we’ll do it in-house and get it sent straight back to you when it’s ready.

You’ll also reduce the IT support costs. Evidence shows that for MacOS users there aren’t as many calls coming through and there’s a significant reduction in tickets being raised.

Improved productivity

From the research, it’s been suggested that employees believe they are more productive with Apple technology. What’s more, iOS devices and MacOS devices are easy for your business to support throughout each department. Plus, they can integrate easily with mobile device management software and zero-touch deployment.

What’s more, employees engage better when they’re given a choice. The research shows that there’s a greater employee satisfaction when they get to pick which devices they work best with.

Safeguard your systems

We work closely with Apple to make sure that your devices are secure straight out of the box. Apple iOS and iPadOS are specifically designed to make sure you get high levels of security without having to purchase additional licensing.

This improves security and reduces any risk of data breach across the business.

If you’re researching what is the best technology to deploy across your business, we can help. Onecom are here to help understand your requirements and find the best solutions to suit you. Get in touch today or ask us at salesenquiries@onecom.co.uk.