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OneSPARKS Episode 2: Building the Case for IVA

OneSPARKS Episode 2: Building the Case for IVA

Onecom ,

Our second episode is all about building a business case for IVA, featuring Colin Campbell the Strategic Acquisitions Director at Onecom and John C De Baca, Regional Director at Five9.

We delve into the digital workforce, looking at why Intelligent Virtual Agents, also known as IVA, are an important next step in the world of customer service.

Our experts discuss the business justification for IVA as well as compelling reasons to look at a digital workforce in the first place and what the common pitfalls to avoid are when implementing a digital workforce team, including identifying business challenges and understanding stakeholders macro and micro views.

With the automation IVA offers, you can improve customer brand loyalty and net promotor scores (NPS), alongside the day-to-day experience and workload for employees. Digital agents can free up live agent’s time as they don’t need holiday or sick leave. They can interact across many languages, learn over time and will never tire of answering the same repetitive questions!

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