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Data Protection Day!

Data Protection Day!

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Data Protection Day is celebrated on 28th January each year. Launched in 2006, on this date, each year, governments, parliaments, national data protection bodies and others carry out activities to raise awareness about the rights to personal data protection and privacy.

At Onecom, we understand the importance of data protection, security, and the challenges that SMEs face.

Alan Stanley, Head of Technical Operations explains that “Data Security has to be at the core of everything we do, not just to comply with legal requirements (for example the GDPR) but also because Personal Data Protection and Privacy are fundamental rights. The ability to secure the data we are trusted with informs every single technology decision we make as a business.”

61% of SMEs have experienced some form of cyberattack, and it is therefore vital for businesses to be conscious about security – especially since the advent of GDPR:

  • 70% are still unprepared for the potentially devastating consequences of an attack
  • 60% go out of business within 6 months of being targeted
  • 77% of small businesses say carelessness is the most likely source of a security threat*

What is stopping businesses from meeting these challenges?

  • Resource: A busy business means that mobile security is not always the top priority
  • Time: Difficult to get up to speed with the latest thinking in mobile security
  • Budget: Bigger priorities than investing in complex platforms
  • Belief: Many SMEs believe that a cyber-attack won’t happen to them

Samsung has a security solution that helps SMEs facing these challenges easily with security built into the DNA of all smartphones and tablets. Plus, they are Gartner rated no.1 for security in the world!

 The 3 core elements are

1) Samsung Knox: By following an end-to-end design and production approach, Knox is their defence-grade security platform, protected with advanced biometric authentication.

2) Security features: Includes Find My Mobile and Samsung Pass

3) Enhance Knox with cloud solutions: Enables your team to configure, update and maintain devices remotely, and without device users having to do anything

Other features include:

Biometric authentication: Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner and facial recognition so only authorised people can gain access to a mobile device; this can be used to lock devices screen and for separate folder authentication.

Find My Mobile: Protects against human error to locate misplaced devices quickly and allow remote locking and data deletion. Information can be backed up to the Samsung Cloud.

Leading virus protection: Anti-malware, powered by McAfee, protects all your devices and data.

Secure Folder: Keeps work and personal information separate and protected on a single device.

Data isolation: Complete data isolation, with total control of the features and components apps can access.

Rooting prevention: Eliminates the risk from unauthorised operating systems to protect your data.

Monitoring: Operating systems are monitored and protected in real-time.

Encryption: Hardware-based encryption is used, along with authorised-only firmware.

Samsung Knox gives your employees the freedom and confidence to work wherever they want, without the fear of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. You can have peace of mind with defence-grade security that’s trusted by governments, security services and millions of businesses around the world. Plus, as a scalable solution, you will save time and money by enhancing capabilities in line with your business’s growth.

As the leading independent telecommunications provider in the UK, Onecom can help you to find the perfect mobile solution for your business. Speak to one of our experts today on 0331 355 241.


* Source: 20th EY Global Information Security Survey